Theme It Out events is a mother- daughter event design and planning business. Based in NH, but willing to travel to make an impact.

Who we are you may ask? Well let us try to explain...


Dianne LeBlanc

With a background in Art and  Interior design, Dianne brings creative energy and passion to Theme It Out. Growing up with all brothers  made her resilient and resourceful, as well as having a career path as diverse as New York city. Her keen creative eye has made her the go to for parties and weddings with all of her friends and family since she was a youth. Having an on site construction shop aids in her ability to make elaborate and detailed props for events. 


In her personal life she loves all forms of dance and has previously taught multiple types of dance. With her love for the arts she was always called upon to be the costume creator. That has since stuck and she now makes unique custom costumes for anyone in need. These range from Halloween costumes, to period outfits for local Historical non profit groups.  

Adina Beaudry

With a Bachelors in Entertainment Management, and an Associates in Hospitality management and Event Planning,  Adina has the years of education to round the creative team package.  Her skills are with marketing and the business planning side. She has worked for event marketing companies throughout New England and even Florida. As well as having a marketing background, she loves to plan, organize, and promote events. 

But don't be fooled by her down to business attitude, she is just as fun and creative as her mother. With skills in design development and an artistic background, she gives a a good one-two punch of skill. 

Personally Adina likes to workout and compete in many sports, as well as bake, read, and travel. She loves to learn as much as she can about growing this business and other side projects.