Haunted House Party – A FULL HOUSE of decor

This project was our favorite so far!

We took a completely empty, abandoned carriage house; and made a movie worthy haunted house for a party.

This was one of the most unique and inspiring projects we have done, and we hope to do more!


Halloween is our favorite after all.


We had a designated entrance with a photo booth and attendant. After you got your picture taken you entered the house by the horse stalls. We had three themed horse stalls and one horse washing station complete with a zombie horse and rider! The other stalls were filled with skeletons, more horses, and spiders!

From there you will see the main room ahead with a band and DJ, bar and tender, and plenty of dancing space. To the right is the buffet room and stairs to the second floor.

The second floor had a costume rental room, full of lighting and mirrors. Two steps above that is the lounge area with couches, tables, and funky lightshows. Around the corner was my favorite part…the voodoo and witch lair.

This was split into two areas; one swampy and voodoo themed. Complete with real trees and moss covering the walls and floor, snakes and crocodiles,  and a black light voodoo alter area with candles and sigils. This transitioned into  a witches room with more tables for guests, and dried plants and herbs hanging from walls. This room we also experimented with lighting to make a realistic fireplace and cauldron. It was super cool!