Let’s Talk Diaper Cakes

Who loves those adorable diaper cakes you see all over Pinterest? We do! 

But who loves spending countless hours making them…. Probably not everyone. But we do!




Finding shower gifts can sometimes be hard. Especially if this is a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (or more) child. What if there is no registry? Or they just don’t want people to give traditional gifts. A diaper cake can be a creative way around that. 

A diaper “cake” is just a cake only by it’s tiered appearance. What it is, is a giant tower of carefully rolled new diapers that form a shape. Either that shape is the typical cake look, or built to look like a car, hot air balloon, or any other idea to match the shower theme. 

This trend is gaining such popularity that buzzfeed even has articles on how creative these are.

This article is true, anyone can make these cakes. We made a special island themed one recently. I will show you how we made it, and why you might want to skip the DIY part, and order one from us.



This was made in about 4 hours time, not including purchases items. 


Items you need:

50-100 diapers (we used size 1 from target, as that was in the specific budget range required)
one roll 1.5 inch ribbon
wine bottle (dealers choice)
one roll thin “gift” ribbon
duct tape to secure wine
cake round to build from (found in baking section of craft stores)
about 200 elastic bands
Decor: fish net, shells, stuffed animal on top

Our cake uses a wine bottle as a center because that was the order request, if you do not want to use a wine bottle you can just fill extra diaper layers. 

To start I  took 100 diapers and rolled them tightly, and put an elastic band around them to hold the roll. Then I taped the wine bottle on the center of my cardboard cake plate. From there I worked on my first tier. I made an inner circle of my rolled diapers around the bottle, then made an outer layer of rolled diapers. I tied it all together with my smaller ribbon. Once secure it was on to the next tier of my cake. I did the same thing on this tier by surrounding the wine bottle with my rolled diapers. Then tying it all together with ribbon. I then placed my thicker ribbon over the tiers middle to make it look nicer and add the red color (or any color you want). I placed my stuffed bird at the top and secured him with ribbon. Then I added the netting by gently tying it into diapers and trying to not move anything. From there, I hot glued the shells on to the net, by CAREFULLY not getting any on the diapers. 

Voila. A very cute and easy diaper cake. Explained in a very fast and minor detailed way.  (Never said I was a writer)



Now that was a short DIY description, but here at Theme It Out we love to make these and would be happy to theme it in any way your heart, baby shower theme, and budget desires. 


They start at $50 for two tiers, no wine, small animal, decor design possibilities endless. If you want wine as a center, we can use a “house” wine like Barefoot, or if you have a certain preference, we can do our best to find that in the budget you want. 

This island themed cake was $60. they requested a cheaper wine and we found the stuffed bird on sale. 


Contact us for a quote anytime!